20 million Americans are suffering from problems with their thyroid gland. Up to 60% of those with thyroid disease are undiagnosed. What happens when one of them becomes your client?  
As health coaches, we could be missing a huge piece of the puzzle if we aren't able to safely help our clients identify and address issues affecting their thyroid! We can do this and still stay in our lane as health coaches. Watch this video to learn how.
I get asked all of the time - what's the #1 health topic I should focus on when it comes to helping my clients?
My answer is overwhelmingly the thyroid and endocrine system!
When a client struggles with thyroid problems, they can experience a storm of unsettling symptoms. This means that without your help - they might continue to chase their symptoms instead of get to the root of them! 

They might suffer from weight gain or inability to lose weight, notice their eyebrows or chunks of hair falling out, or experience heart palpitations, anxiety, hot flashes, or a myriad of other unpleasant side effects.

Imagine how scary this is for a client who is unaware of the impact the thyroid has on all of the other bodily functions.

Imagine how lost they feel - especially if they aren't getting proper care from their doctors. 

Now imagine if they met you - a health coach who is confident and knowledgeable about the thyroid and endocrine system who could help them get to the root of their problems while staying in your lane as a health coach...

This would be a game-changer for your clients and for your business.

Our comprehensive Thyroid Package was created out of a need - a need for health coaches to be able to help coach clients through one of the most prominent health issues affecting us on a global scale, but do so in a way that doesn't put the health coach at risk.

Not only will you become fully educated on the thyroid and factors affecting thyroid function as well as other key topics and conditions such as sex hormone problems, cortisol, low iron, leaky gut, and other critical information, you'll be able to use the tools provided to then transfer this education to your clients in the lowest-risk way possible.

Your clients, who may not even suspect they have a thyroid issue prior to working with you, will become educated and empowered and prepared to make any necessary lifestyle changes thanks to your knowledge and guidance.

You'll eliminate the overwhelm and inject them with the motivation they need to overcome their health struggles.

As a health coach who is educated in the thyroid and endocrine system, you'll play an integral role in your client's wellness plan.
Our comprehensive Thyroid Program includes:
Our 68-Page Thyroid Guide (retail price: $87)
To successfully help a thyroid client you must be able to educate them on food, lifestyle, adrenal health, sex hormone issues (like estrogen dominance), the liver, gut health and other factors that impact thyroid functioning. 

This guide covers all of these topics and provides you with reliable resources you can share with your client to help them make better decisions. 

You'll learn how to discover the right medication, how to find a doctor that works with particular thyroid issues, where hypothyroidism actually stems from, how to know whether your client has the autoimmune form of hypothyroidism, and so much more. 

Watch me walk through how to use this guide in your practice here:
Our 7-Page Thyroid Intake Form (retail price: $97)
Do you know the right questions to ask your clients concerning their thyroid condition? 

What should and shouldn't you ask? How can you stay in your lane with these clients? 

This 7-page done-for-you thyroid intake form is an abbreviated intake focused on acquiring information from clients that suspect or know they have thyroid issues. 

The questions cover medications, symptoms, and food and lifestyle basics to help you gain an accurate history on someone struggling with thyroid problems.
Four Video Trainings (retail price: $397)
This training series will equip you with the full knowledge you need to help your clients navigate thyroid problems as well as all of the other conditions and issues that are uncovered in the process of learning about the thyroid. 

You'll learn about auto-immunity, thyroid labs, preparing for doctor's appointments, Grave's disease, masters of mimicry (symptoms that mimic thyroid dysfunction), sex hormone problems, cortisol, low iron, leaky gut, and other critical information.
Successful Doctor's Appointment Guide (retail price: $27)
Practitioners play a key role in your client's wellness plan. Unfortunately, many conventional practitioners are under so much pressure to push clients through the door and therefore, these patients miss out on the proper care they need.

Now imagine if you could help your clients understand how to choose the right practitioner and have more effective appointments? 

What if you could give them a game plan that would help ensure they get the proper care?

You can with our Successful Doctor's Appointment guide. 

Download this guide, brand it as your own and give it to your clients to empower them to choose the right provider and be more prepared when appointment time comes so that they can experience the best results with their health.

This guide and corresponding Doctors' Form was dubbed a "must-have for patients" by Dr. Alan Hopkins, board-certified emergency medicine doctor and founder of YourLabWork.com! 
Doctor's Form (retail price: $27)
To go along with the Guide, you'll also get our done-for-you doctor's form template. 

This template will help your clients easily track their labs, medications, supplements, food, sleep and more so they are fully prepared when they meet with practitioners.

Instruct them to fill it out before their appointment so they can walk through their concerns with the doctor during appointment time! This is KEY for any clients but especially thyroid clients.
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