You don't have to keep spending money on courses, credentials, coaches, conferences, and done-for-you programs that aren't helping you get to where you want to be in your health coaching career
Everything you need to step outside of the cookie-cutter health coaching mold, build a successful functional coaching practice, and help more people live better is inside the #1 mentorship group for health coaches...
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Did you know that a certification is just the very beginning of what you actually need to grow a profitable health coaching practice?
(Actually, if we're being completely honest, you don't even really need a certification at ALL to build a health coaching business because health coaching is an unregulated profession.)
Here is what you do need to build a successful coaching business:
  • The ability to share your own wellness journey
  • Complete confidence in your abilities
  • An experienced, straightforward and trusted mentor to guide you 
  • A safe and functional coaching method that allows you to help any client regardless of their condition or health goal 
  • Resources, tools, and training that simplify your coaching approach and keep you low-risk
  • Continuing education and professional development brought to you by leading industry experts 
  • A solid support network standing behind you
The big issue, however, is that none of this is included in many certification programs. As a result, most aspiring coaches are left completely in the dark after completing their education.
I want you to know that if this is how you're feeling, you're not alone. The majority of coaches I work with feel this same exact way. This is why they come to me, and why I built this group.
Six years ago, before coaching even became mainstream, I was facing the same dilemma. I had earned my certification, yet I lacked the business and coaching knowledge.

Through trial and error, I was able to figure it all out on my own. But it took me much longer than it should have to build a thriving practice. 

And unfortunately, most coaches don't have years to spare. Most are working full-time and building their coaching businesses on the side with massive dreams that one day, they'll be able to pursue health coaching full-time.
I'm here to make this process much easier for you.
An online mentorship group created by trusted health coach mentor and founder of the Institute for Functional Health Coaching®, Carmen Hunter, for health coaches who are serious about growing successful coaching businesses and want the solutions and support to make their goals a reality.
Never spend another dime on coaching, continuing education, mentorship, or professional development.
I bring all of this to you inside the #1 mentorship group for health coaches
Immediately upon enrollment, you'll get access to over $10,000 worth of tools, resources, mentorship, professional development, and training 
An inventory of business-building documents that will help you grow your business into a wait list practice
High-Mileage Session Forms
Throw away the low-quality health histories! You can use our done-for-you, totally customizable intake docs with your clients or groups. This includes first, second, third and final session intake forms.
A proven framework for mastering the free 15-minute consultation
There is no reason you have to spend 30-60 minutes on free consultations that don't result in new clients. I'm giving you the proven 15-minute free consultation framework I've used with potential clients in my own business for 6+ years!
An example of my Fees & Services chart
Struggling with what to offer and how to price your services? I'm giving you my own Fees & Services chart that you can edit as necessary and use in your own practice.
A template + guide for capturing compelling client testimonials  
Compelling client testimonials are essential for business growth! I’m giving you the template I use with my own clients plus a guide that will walk you through how to use it.
55-page eBook, Mastering the Art of Whole Foods Living: A Three-Month Guide to Success + in-depth training 
As a health coach, you know that a whole foods diet is the cornerstone of wellness. But wouldn't it be beneficial to have a comprehensive resource to use as a framework for a whole foods-based group or individual coaching program (without having to spend weeks creating it or worry about liability issues)?

When you join, you'll get access to a completely customizable 55-page whole foods eBook, Mastering the Art of Whole Foods Living: A Three-Month Guide to Success. This eBook, based on my safe EP&A method of coaching, is crammed with information about healthy eating, toxic and inflammatory foods, sleep, exercise, stress and so much more. 

You can download it today, customize it to fit your brand, and start promoting your whole foods-based group or individual coaching sessions as soon as tomorrow!

I also provide you with an extensive 30-minute training that will walk you through exactly how to use this eBook to run a 4-week group coaching program that will successfully transition your clients from the standard American diet to a whole foods lifestyle and put them on the path towards optimal wellness.
50-page ebook, Thyroid 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding the Thyroid
Are you turning away clients who are dealing with thyroid issues because you're afraid to step outside of your scope of practice, or because you simply don't have the confidence to work with clients who are dealing with complex conditions? If so, this 50-page eBook will be a game-changer for you.

This eBook contains a wealth of information from the leading resources on thyroid health and will allow you to educate your clients on one of the most pressing health issues that affects over 20 million Americans while staying within your scope of practice.* 

*According to the American Thyroid Association
A Food and Lifestyle Review template
This comprehensive, completely customizable seven-page food and lifestyle review template is an essential tool for any health coach. Brand it and use it during a one-time, low-cost coaching session to help broaden your exposure and get clients in the door!
Whole Foods and Sleep Group Coaching Packages
Kick off your group coaching program next week! 

This package contains everything needed to run both whole foods and sleep group coaching programs including group coaching explanations and guides for both food and sleep, lead in “free coaching topics” which webinars or free talks can be created around, and a copy of the Whole Food guide and Sleep Guide which are totally editable for your use as well as video walk-throughs of the packages.
Successful Doctors' Visit Package
Empower your clients to have more successful doctors' visits with our Successful Doctors' Visit package. 

This includes our How to Have a Successful Doctor's Appointment guide, done-for-you doctor's template
and doctor's template mini training.
Multiple resources you can use as opt-in freebies or give to your clients during sessions
✓ Chicken Bone Broth Made Simple guide
✓ Gluten-Free Pizza Recipe
✓ Sleep guide
✓ Digestion 101 guide
Live training on the topics that matter most to you
Multiple times per month, I will host live training on the topics that matter most to you. You'll also have access to our vault of training which includes:
  •  Safely Work with Thyroid Clients 
  •  Labs for Functional Health Coaches 
  •  Safety in the Health Coaching Profession
  •  Approaching and Collaborating with Practitioners and Wellness Leaders
  •  Get New Clients in the Door with a "Pantry Makeover" 
  •  Close More Clients with the Free 15-Minute Consultation
  •  Get your next 2-3 health coaching clients ASAP
  •  Getting past the fear in health coaching
  •  Legalities in Health Coaching
  •  Success with Group Coaching Programs
  •  Getting New Clients in the Door with a Pantry Makeover Service
  •  Grow Your Practice with Free Talks
  •  Simplify Your Coaching Approach
  •  And much more!
Multiple live video mentorship calls every month PLUS access to all pre-recorded calls to watch at your convenience
Multiple times per month, you’ll have the opportunity to jump on a live group call with me and our other coaches so that we can take a deep dive into your most pressing coaching issues. We’ll spend at least an hour or more on a video call talking through and resolving some of your biggest challenges. If you work during the calls, don’t worry. Each one is pre-recorded and uploaded to the membership page for access any time you need it. 
A vault of instructional how-to videos
✓ Facebook basics (creating a group, poll, pinned post, promo notes, events, etc.)
✓ Getting past the fear in health coaching
✓ Introduction to Nudge Coach
✓ Adding Amazon affiliate products to your website
✓ How to host a webinar via Zoom
Live real-client sessions and access to ALL past recorded sessions
The majority of coaches come to me after earning their certification for mentorship and support because their school failed to teach them a safe and functional approach to working with any client.

As a member, you'll learn the art of coaching through monthly live sessions with real clients. Live in front of you, I'll coach clients through the consultation, first, second, third and exit sessions using my safe and functional approach to health coaching.

You'll also be able to download the clients' session forms as well as my post-session recommendations to study and learn from.
Live video calls with top wellness experts & instant access to an inventory of pre-recorded video calls
Forget about having to spend thousands of dollars on seminars and conferences in order to stay ahead of the curve on the topics affecting your clients! I'm bringing the leading wellness experts to YOU at no additional cost and giving you a critical competitive advantage by constantly immersing you in education that will further your career.

You'll immediately get access to all of these pre-recorded calls with leading wellness experts, most of whom offer free resources and discounts to my members, as well as first notice about live video calls with other top experts. 

  •  Estrogen Dominance with Maria Claps
  •  Mitochondria with Dr. Tim Jackson
  • Childhood Trauma with Niki Gratrix
  •  Health & Emotions with Dr. Joan Rosenberg 
  •  Toxins Versus Chemicals with Lara Adler 
  •  Viruses, Glutathione, Bacteria and More with Dr. Tim Jackson 
  •  Mold Toxicity and Methylation with Dr. Tim Jackson
  •  Chronic Pain with Dr. Joe Tatta 
  •  Thryoid Health with Andrea Nakayama 
  •  Insulin Resistance and Gut Health with Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo
  •  Emotional Eating with Tricia Nelson
  •  Hormones, Nutrients & Intimacy with Dr. Lindsey Berkson  
  •  Functional Pediatrics with Dr. Elisa Song 
  •  Neurofeedback and Brain Health with Kaka Ray 
  •  MTHFR Gene with Dr. Alan Hopkins
  •  Chronic Conditions with Dr. Alan Christianson
  •  Toxins in Beauty Products with Ann Marie Fine
  •  Legal Q&A for Health Coaches with Sam
  •  Mastering Your Mindset with Jessica Eley
  •  Bio-identical Hormones and Treating Women in Menopause with Dr. Rosensweet
  •  Migraines with Erin Knight
  •  Parasites with Dr. Todd Watts
  •  The Health Benefits of CBD and THC Oil with Dr. Maya
  •  Megaspore Probiotics with Kiran Krishnan
  •  Supplement Talk with Dr. Shiroko
  •  Talking Trauma with Razi Berry
  •  Lab Testing in Your Practice with Dr. Alan Hopkins
  •  Hormones with Dr. Shawn Tassone
  • The Benefits of Red Light Therapy
  •  EMFs: The 21st Century Toxin with Nicolas Pinneault
  •  Selling with Integrity with Kendrick Shope
  •  And so much more!
Access to our private members' Facebook group
You'll gain access to our private, highly engaged Facebook group where you can network with fellow coaches, ask questions, get advice, gain support, and receive real-time mentorship from me.

If you have a question you need answered right away, simply tag me in your post and I’ll respond as soon as possible. Plus, as a member of the Facebook group, you’re the first to find out about health coaching news, freebies, deals, discounts, webinars, programs, and more.

By joining Health Coach Mentorship & Mastery, you'll: 
  • Have the full support of a trusted mentor with over seven years of experience who is constantly ready and willing to support you and guide you in the right direction
  • Gain the confidence, knowledge, and method to go beyond cookie-cutter health coaching, offer more than just detoxes and weight loss programs, and empower your clients to get to the root of their health issues
  • Wake up every morning with a renewed sense of purpose and know that you're changing lives
  • Have the skills, approach, and confidence to work alongside physicians and other wellness leaders
  • Be a part of a community of encouraging, like-minded health coaches who want to help each other grow 
  • Streamline your business and start bringing in more clients and earning more income while actually reducing your workload
I've helped hundreds of other coaches reach their career goals by giving them the method, knowledge, confidence, tools, and mentorship that every coach should have access to. Here are some of their stories:
You could spend months or even years scrambling and back-peddling, trying to figure it all out on your own
Or, you could make the decision to join Health Coach Mentorship & Mastery and skip ahead in your business six years practically overnight...

Lisa Fraley, Legal Coach

Carmen helps health coaches become educated, get prepared and take action by arming them with helpful steps to be a health coach in a way that makes you feel comfortable and courageous to grow your practice and help more clients. To sum it up in one word, Carmen's superpower is that she's a connector. She is the queen of connecting you to respected experts and information to help you dive in deeper in a wide variety of subject areas so you can deliver greater value to your clients. And, she does it all with a functional approach so you can help yourself AND your clients to live more optimal lives. 

 Andrea Bertani, health coach

“Carmen has a knack for leading coaches in a positive direction through her positive energy, enthusiasm, expertise and experiences. Her sincere desire to help coaches avoid the pitfalls in the health coaching business is a true blessing.”

Sandy N., health coach

I have gotten so much out of this already. Plus you make me smile and laugh. I am so glad i get to be apart of this amazing group and thank you for all of your hard work on putting this all together this is not easy work. Even though you make it sound effortless. Thank you.

Linda H., health coach

Carmen Hunter is a bottomless pit of nutrition knowledge and I HIGHLY recommend her if you need more information on an area of health that you are not as knowledgeable about. As a health coach, I work with an array of clients and it’s nearly impossible for me to find time to research and locate appropriate resources for all of their needs. After one call with Carmen, she provided me with a list of excellent resources to send to my clients and answered all of my questions! I will definitely use her again as she makes running my business easier and more effective + I feel like I have a new friend I can go to if I need to be advised! -
Consider Health Coach Mentorship & Mastery your ticket to the coaching career you've been working towards since day one. It's a one-stop hub that puts every resource you need at your fingertips so you can focus on your zone of genius - serving others.
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What happens when I sign up?

After signing up, you’ll receive a welcome email with all the information you need to access the membership site, live calls and the private Facebook group. You'll then have access for the entire year.

When are the live calls scheduled for?

Call times vary monthly; however, I do my best to host them at a time that is convenient for the majority of my students. All calls are also recorded and stored in the membership area.

How long are the live calls?

Calls are at least an hour long, but usually closer to 90 minutes. Length of the calls vary depending on the complexity of the topics discussed and the number of students joining the call. We do our best to answer every question submitted.

Are the materials downloadable?

The informational documents and the templates can be downloaded but the videos cannot.

Can I use these materials in my own practice?

You are encouraged to use the templates, guides, and resources in your own business – that’s what they are there for! These tools were created for health coaches who want to safely and efficiently serve their clients.

What software do I need?

You do not need any software other than a free Zoom account for video calls. You can create a free account at:

What is your cancellation and refund policy?

I’m completely confident that you’ll find Health Coach Mentorship and Mastery well worth your investment. However, you are free to cancel your annual membership at any time. 

Please note that, as you'll receive thousands of dollars in digital documents immediately upon enrollment, we are not able to offer refunds. If you're unsure whether Health Coach Mentorship & Mastery is right for you, email!

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