Don't Put Your Coaching Business, or Your Clients' Health, At Risk
Watch this video to learn how to stay within your scope of practice as a health coach
How would you feel if you woke up to $754 fine and a cease and desist letter tomorrow?

This happened to Florida health coach, Heather Kokesch Del Castillo, just a few months ago after a Department of Health investigator posing as a prospective customer contacted her asking for information about her services.

According to an article in the Pensacola News Journal, when Kokesch Del Castillo responded, the DOH issued her a cease and desist letter and fined her $754 for offering individualized nutrition counseling.

While this is horrible, the situation could have even been worse.

What if a health coach unknowingly recommends a food or supplement to one of his or her clients that is cross-reactive with a certain medication? What if the client gets violently ill…or worse?

This unsafe coaching approach has the potential to put a client’s life in jeopardy and cause the health coach to lose everything he or she worked so hard for in a matter of seconds.

This isn’t some fear tactic to scare you, this is reality.

If you are not practicing a safe and low-risk approach, all of the above can (and does) happen (which is why I founded IFHC™, and why I’m so passionate about spreading the word about the school far and wide).

IFHC™ teaches the safest approach to health coaching that’s designed to keep you and your clients safe. And the fact of the matter is, the more mainstream health coaching becomes, the SAFER your practice needs to be.

You never know when a client might see our advice as prescriptive and diagnostic and you never know how a client may react to foods/supplements/etc. You need to make sure your communication and your method is safe at ALL times.

Don’t put your business or your clients in jeopardy. Take action today to ensure you keep your business and your clients protected.
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Four Safety Video Trainings
A $397 value
These four video trainings (two with guest expert and legal coach, Lisa Fraley), total over 4 hours and are packed with everything you need to know about health coaching safety, laws and regulations. 

This training will be invaluable to your career, help minimize your risk and allow you to operate a sustainable practice. You’ll also receive the Powerpoint deck for two of these trainings.

Here is just some of what you’ll learn inside this training:
  • How to figure out what your state color is and what this means for your career as a health coach
  •  Why you should always practice as if you’re in a red state
  •  What words you should never use in your language, and how to replace these words with safer language
  •  How to answer the most common (yet risky) client requests that can easily land you in legal hot water
  •  How to use exploratory dialogue with your clients to safely address their problems
  •  How to practice a low-risk health coaching approach that keeps you in your scope of practice and allows you to help ANY client
  •  What you should NEVER do in your business when it comes to working with clients
  •  And much more
Printable Safe Language Guide + Video
A $27 value
This printable guide is perfect for keeping next to your desk as a constant reminder of the words you must NOT use in your business + includes a video explanation.
Printable Statement Replacement Guide
A $97 value
This guide will walk you through how to substitute your phrases so that you don’t step outside of your scope of practice + includes a video explanation.
27-Page Health Coach Kick-Start Guide
A $27 value
This guide covers all of the important elements of your business, including licenses, taxes, niche, tips on coaching and more.
250+ Resource Guide
A $197 value
This guide contains 250+ credible resources to use with your clients to safety help them get to the root of their issues. It is guaranteed to save you hundreds of hours of research time over the course of your career.
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