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My 39-page resource guide (a $19 value) contains direct links to over 250+ credible wellness resources + walks you through how to use these resources to go beyond detoxes and cleanses and make a bigger impact on more lives (while staying within your scope of practice).
How to use this guide:
  •  Use this guide as a credible resource to look up conditions/diseases based on your client’s intake form and educate yourself prior to sessions so you have an idea of what they are dealing with.
  •  Pull up specific links during client sessions and share the wisdom of these wellness leaders. (Example: If your client has leaky gut and they don’t believe it’s causing them harm, share a link from Dr. Fasano that shows how leaky gut is damaging their health.) 
  •  Send links from this guide to your clients via email after sessions with your recommended plan of action. 
  •  Use this guide as a resource for teaching a class. (Example: If you’re teaching about how gluten affects the thyroid, use Chris Kresser’s thyroid eBook link to share and teach from.)
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