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Exclusive Health Coach Training : 
How to Easily Get New Clients in the Door with a "Pantry Makeover" 
And how to transform this single session into a lucrative one-on-one or group coaching relationship
Getting clients in the door for a 1-on-1 or group coaching program can be difficult, but I promise it doesn't have to be!

Let me show you how to simplify this process by offering a "pantry makeover" service as the doorway for your larger coaching program (or simply as an a la carte service). 

I will walk you through the MOST effective way to confidently teach your clients about what is really hiding in their kitchen in the least stressful way possible so they'll be eager to continue working with you!

Remember, we don't want to overwhelm new clients! Causing them unnecessary stress over food will NOT benefit their health or the coaching relationship.

During this training, we'll focus on guiding them towards the right choices in a way that doesn't set them up for failure.
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