Maximize Your Impact & Income With the Simple, Functional Approach to Health Coaching 
Wouldn't it be nice if there was a safe, smart and sustainable approach to health coaching that allowed you to work with any client who came to you? There is...
Welcome to The Institute for Functional Health Coaching™
Maybe you’re giving some thought to starting this new and exciting chapter in your life…

Perhaps you have overcome a health crisis of your own and want to use your experiences to inspire others to overcome their own health problems...

Or, perhaps you’ve already earned a certification but don’t feel confident enough in your ability to grow a business and work with clients...

Wherever you’re at in your health coaching journey, the Institute for Functional Health Coaching™ is where you need to be to create the business you dream of...
Stand out from the thousands of other health coaches you will be competing against when starting your business
Build a wait list practice built on referrals without having to spend hardly any money on marketing (because believe it or not, word of mouth is STILL the best form of advertising!)
Have the confidence and knowledge to guide sick and goal-oriented clients to improved wellness
Implement a simple yet effective coaching method that can easily be repeated with each client who comes to you, regardless of their condition or goal
Discover how to streamline your systems and enhance client experience so that you’re not working yourself into the ground while trying to build your business
Start working with clients months earlier than you would with other health coaching programs
A Message From Our Founder
Dear health coach, 

You’re here because you so badly want to become a sought-after wellness expert with a thriving practice who helps hundreds or even thousands of clients surpass their health issues and enjoy a life overflowing with wellness and vitality.

Yet, you’re probably overwhelmed with options.

You know you’re meant for more, but you’re not sure how to get from point A to point B. 

There are an endless amount of career options in the wellness industry to choose from. 

And then, once you finally decide health coaching is the route you want to pursue (good choice), you realize you now must choose between over a dozen programs…

Each of them seems incredible, at least from what you can tell…

Each of them seems to have thorough content delivered by high-caliber professionals...

Each of them makes colossal promises that are extremely appealing (who doesn’t want an endless supply of clients, money, happiness, etc. etc.)...

Yet, you’re skeptical. You wonder if it’s too good to be true.

Will you really earn your certification, throw up a fancy website, have clients pouring into your business, earn 6 figures, and take off as much vacation time as you want? 

Probably not. 

Should you be wary of the programs that make these extravagant promises? 

Hi, I’m Carmen Hunter, certified health coach, mentor to thousands of successful health coaches, creator of the safest approach to health coaching, Education, Preparation & Action, the founder of the Institute for Functional Health Coaching™ and total straight-shooter who is fed up with the false promises being pushed on health coaches.

Before I tell you how my institute will change your life, I want to share a little bit about my health coaching journey with you.

Why? Because I’ve been in your shoes. I’ve walked through your journey. I’ve pursued an education from other institutions. I’ve coached hundreds and hundreds of sick clients. And I’ve built a business from the ground up. Therefore, I can help you side step all the mistakes I guarantee you’re going to make in your career...but you must be willing to listen. 

You see, my career started off a lot like yours probably is. 

The first year after I started coaching (before I was even “certified”), I was drowning in overwhelm.

I made mistake after mistake, had no idea how to work with clients, and had no clue as to how to effectively build my business. 

Worse, I had no mentor to turn to since health coaching wasn’t even really considered mainstream. 

I even considered getting my health and human performance degree from a local college so I could learn to safely help people. That is, until I realized their views on nutrition were beyond ridiculous (fat is bad for you? REALLY?).

Yet, despite my struggles, my passion for helping others reclaim their health pushed me forward. I decided that I was going to be successful regardless of the obstacles in my way because I knew how many people needed me. They were messaging me and calling me daily for help with their health. 

This is when I decided to turn my challenges into a solution and create and perfect a simple 3-step coaching method that simplified the coaching process and the client experience and allowed me to help any client who came to me while staying within my scope of practice. It was a game-changer for my business. 

Within a few months of implementing this system, my business had reached waitlist capacity just through referrals. My clients were overwhelmed with gratitude because of the massive changes they were seeing in their lives.

But then, fear got the best of me (a major stopping point for most health coaches). 

I wondered, who would ever take me seriously if I didn't have some more “letters behind my name”? This fear caused me to make the mistake of believing that I needed to attend a well-known university to build my credibility. So that’s what I did.

However, rather than learning anything useful during my time at this expensive and prestigious school, I ended up spending my time sharing my method of coaching with others who also weren’t getting what they needed. 

After realizing how lightweight other health coaching programs are and how unique, effective and safe my approach is, witnessing this systematic method of coaching take my business to unimaginable heights, and receiving resounding approval and praise from other health coaches and some of the most elite health and wellness professionals that I admire and trust in the industry, I knew I was on to a strategy that would change the future of health coaching.

I began mentoring coaches on how to be successful in this business through my Health Coach Clarity Facebook group and my signature Health Coaching with Confidence program, which grew exponentially as the true needs of health coaches continued to go unanswered. 

Soon enough, this program evolved into what is in front of you today, The Institute for Functional Health Coaching™.

Through my programs and mentorship, I’ve guided thousands of health coaches towards success in this industry, and I want to do the same for you.

I invite you to read through our modules, our approach, our unique differences, and our participant testimonials and learn how we can help you in a way that no other program can. 

Unlike other coaching programs, IFHC™ was created by someone who built a health coaching practice from the ground up, who stood behind her clients during sickness, struggle, fear and guided them towards relief and hope. Therefore, we understand your struggles and know exactly what you need to reach success.

The Institute for Functional Health Coaching™ will be the best investment you ever make in your career. 

Then, when you’re ready to create the career you dream of, my team is here to help you make it a reality. No question goes unanswered and no need goes unmet, this is the IFHC™ promise.

To your success,

Founder, The Institute for Functional Health Coaching™
Truths About the Health Coaching Industry
There is too much focus on knowledge about food plans and conditions
There is a huge misconception in this industry that, to be successful as a health coach, you must have a comprehensive understanding of diseases, health conditions and dietary theories. 

This couldn’t be further from the truth. 

So many of the individuals who come to us from other programs are shocked when they realize they spent months focusing on the wrong things! 

Putting all the focus on health conditions and theories will get a health coach nowhere in their career!

Firstly, it is outside of the health coaching scope of practice to advise our clients on these issues.

Secondly, you can learn all you desire about nutrition for free by visiting the largest search engine in the world.

Instead, health coaches must be mentored how to utilize our resources to educate and empower our clients to make lasting changes. 

You do not need to waste months upon months on these topics to work with clients. In fact, you can work with clients WITHOUT all this knowledge. Keep reading and I will show you how.

There is not enough focus on mentoring coaches how to safely and effectively work with all clients
Perhaps the costliest mistake we see other health coaching programs make is failing to show coaches how to safely and effectively work with clients. In fact, most don’t mentor coaches how to coach at all!

As a result, most health coaches either 1) set their businesses up incorrectly from the start and work outside of their scope of practice without even realizing it, or 2) don’t end up coaching at all because they lack the method and the confidence.

At IFHC™, the foundation of our program is our signature 3-step, low-risk, investigative coaching method.

This simple yet effective transformational coaching method allows you to work with any client, with any condition, and with any health goal, without stepping outside of your scope of practice (and without wasting months on diseases and conditions).

This safe, simple method of coaching is built on three key pillars:

Education is the first step to client success. Clients want to understand WHY the changes are necessary before they decide to stick to a plan.

We’ll show you how to help your clients get to the root of their health issues and guide them towards optimal health and happiness by utilizing the resources that are already readily available to you.

Preparation is the second step in the process. Preparation eases client anxiety and stress over the changes that are about to happen in their lives, thereby skyrocketing their chances of success.

Think of it this way, you wouldn’t jump out of a plane without knowing how to operate a parachute, would you? Then why would you push your clients into programs and lifestyle changes before they fully understand and accept the process?

Action is the last step in the coaching process. Taking action must be done when the client is ready and willing to commit to themselves and be held accountable for their choices.

While most coaches take complete responsibility for the health of their clients, I show you how to let your clients take charge of their own health by being their source of guidance, support and inspiration. 

By mastering this approach to coaching, you’ll have complete confidence necessary to work with all clients who need your help.
Most programs are NOT created by an actual health coach who has successfully built a wait-list practice
If you wanted to become an artist, would you sign up for an art program created by physicians?

No? Then why would you sign up for a health coaching program that’s not created by a health coach?

While most programs are established by those who have no experience in the health coaching industry...

The Institute for Functional Health Coaching™ was founded by an active health coach who has over 20 years of self-study experience and over seven years of experience managing a wait list practice filled with clients of all health goals and conditions.

we can help you in a way no other Program can
The Institute for Functional Health Coaching™:
  • Focuses on a 3-step health coaching approach that incorporates the seven foundations required to complete the journey toward optimal health 
  • Simplifies the coaching experience and keeps you within your scope of practice as a health coach
  • Provides you with the expert resources you need to build your business
  •  Was founded by a health coach with over seven years of investigative coaching experience
  •  Encourages you to work with all clients who need your help using a proven, step-by-step coaching approach; this means that you can work with any potential client, no matter what their condition or goal is
  •  Shows how you’ll never need to turn a client away because you don’t feel that you know enough, or feel confident enough
  •  Shows you how to meet your clients where they are and gently lead them closer to their goals
  •  Shows you how to build a business using techniques including single sessions and group coaching programs
  •  Shows you how to work online or locally
  •  Focuses on showing coaches how to shift their thinking about what’s possible for them and incorporate a success mindset
  •  Participants have direct access to the founder, Carmen Hunter, and are encouraged to reach out for all questions and concerns
  •  Will never leave you guessing what to do next; Carmen’s motto is no question goes unanswered and no need goes unmet
Most Other Programs:
  •  Focus on dietary theories and conditions, but don’t show you how to help your clients how to make decisions to overcome them
  •  Do not have a proven coaching methodology
  •  Fail to mentor you about using safe language in your business
  •  Are established by those who have never been health coaches, who don’t have experience in the industry and who have never built a health coaching practice from the ground up
  •  Encourage you to hone in on and work with only one specific niche of clients, which limits your business growth, income and impact
  •  Do not give you the resources and experts to help you build your business
  •  Coaches do not have direct access to the founder
Do you want to be a part of the movement?
Our Program
Our program includes 18 health coaching modules
Each video module is delivered through our Institute portal and followed with an ungraded set of questions. 
Module 1: Introduction to Functional Health Coaching
  •  All about the seven essentials for optimal health and how to incorporate them into the coaching experience
  •  The basics of building a health coaching business
  •  What you should and should not focus on at the beginning of your career; we will cut through the overwhelm so that you can devote focus where you need to
Module 2: Setting Your Business Up for Success
  •  What the functional health coaching 3-month approach looks like
  •  How to set up effective service options for one-on-ones and groups as well as price your services 
  •  How to setup online payment processing for your clients
  •  What to do after you’ve received a business inquiry
  •  How to master a free 15-minute consultation that converts into a paying client
  •  How to stop information diggers in their tracks
Module 3: Safety in the Profession and Mastering the Client Intake Process
  •  How to stay within your scope of practice
  •  How to use safe language with your clients
  •  What words you should never use
  •  The differences in meeting clients offline versus online and what you should be aware of
  •   How to have success with intake sessions, both offline and online
  •  Why the provided high-mileage intake form is so effective and how it can save you time and help you look proficient in any health topic
  •   How to use the intake form to help your clients get to the root of their issues 
  •   Why it’s so important to have the intake form filled out prior to the first session 
Module 4: Safety and Mastering the Client Intake Process Continued
  •  How to structure the intake call to put your client at ease with the coaching process and make them realize the importance of what they are partaking in
  •  How to recommend resources and make suggestions to your client in a way that will empower them to act while avoiding overwhelm
  •  You’ll have the opportunity to listen in while I walk various clients through the initial intake session using the information you learned in the last module
Module 5: Effectively Following Up With Clients After the First Session
  •  How to effectively follow up with clients after the initial intake session
  •  How to establish accountability and support your client in between sessions
  •  How health wish lists can transform the client experience
Module 6: Making the Most of Your Time and Making a Bigger Impact
  • How to practice a more general approach
  • How much time you should schedule in between sessions
  • How to stop reinventing the wheel 
  •  How to use templates such as the provided food and thyroid guides to save you time
Module 7: Mastering the Second Client Session
  •  How to continue the education process with your client
  •  How to create an action plan to keep your clients on track in between sessions
  •  How to uncover client struggles and support accomplishments
  •  How to effectively follow up after the second session
Module 8: The Exit Session
  • How to ensure the client has everything they need to sustain the changes made during your coaching program 
  •  How to make the best use of the exit form and determine if your clients need further support
  •  How to collect testimonials from your clients that will help grow your business
Module 9: Mid-Course Reminders and Success Barriers
  •  How to overcome the barriers that block the success of many health coaches
  •  Understanding medication and supplement interaction and an overview of what resources are available to you
  •  Holistic approach resource discussion
Module 10: One-Time Food Review Sessions
  •  How to use the provided Food Review Template to acclimate potential clients to the health coaching experience and drum up potential business
  •  Why the Food Review is such a powerful tool
Module 11: Group Coaching Success
  •  Why group coaching should be an integral component to your business model
  •  The differences between online and in-person group coaching and how to choose which is best for you
  •  Structuring your group coaching program for maximum effectiveness
  •  The basics of a group participation disclaimer 
  •  How to price group coaching services
  •  How to use the comprehensive food guide as a framework for a group coaching program focused on clean eating
  •  How to use the provided sleep guide as the framework for a group coaching program focused on healthy sleep habits
Module 12: Coaching Those with Chronic Conditions
  •  How to be an investigator for your clients, especially those who are suffering from complex and/or chronic conditions
  •  What chronic conditions are and how to safely work with these types of clients
  •  You’ll have the opportunity to review real client scenarios, complete with their session forms, recommendations, follow-up plans, and results
Module 13: Coaching Weight Loss Clients
  •  How to safely work with clients who are interested in or need to lose weight
  •  Learn the additional barriers to helping clients who are at a weight loss plateau
  •  You’ll have the opportunity to review real client scenarios, complete with their session forms, recommendations, follow-up plans, and results
Module 14: Understanding Lab Tests
  •  Why regular lab tests are an important part of a wellness plan
  •  The different types of labs and what they should be used for
  •  How to review lab results with your client without stepping outside of your scope
  •  How to find a doctor that will order lab tests for your client if their current physician will not
  •  The most reputable places for ordering lab tests online
  •  How to safely discuss supplements with your clients
Module 15: Marketing Your Health Coaching Business
  •  Suggested ways for marketing your business both online and offline
  •  Exercises for identifying your ideal client, your core messaging and your niche pitch 
  •  Why you may want to consider outsourcing your marketing and how to do so without breaking your budget
  •  Our personal recommendations for cost-effective marketing solutions
  •  Why an email list is so important and how to build one
  •  How to take advantage of email marketing to connect with your audience
Module 16: Launching a Program
  • How to find out what your ideal client wants before devoting time and energy into creating a launch product
  • The steps you need to take to launch a program, course or summit
  • How to create an effective webinar slide deck for your program launch
Module 17: Coaching Thyroid Clients
  •  How to work with clients who may or may not be dealing with a thyroid condition
  •  How to use the provided 50+ page thyroid guide with your thyroid clients for education and empowerment
Module 18: Peer Coaching
  •  During this module, you'll conduct a peer coaching session with another student and once complete, Carmen will review the recorded peer coaching session, assess your skills and provide any necessary feedback to improve your process
In addition, you'll also get access to a video vault filled with series from leading health and wellness experts
The experts listed below are just some of the expert series available. Each one can be accessed at any time throughout your program participation.
Insulin Resistance and Gut Health
Childhood Trauma
Health and Emotions
Functional Pediatrics
Emotional Eating
Chronic Pain
Thyroid Health
And done-for-you coaching documents and templates
All documents can be accessed at any time. During the program, you will be mentored on how to make the best use of these forms in your practice.
You'll receive 30 pages of high-mileage session forms including a first-session intake form, second and third session forms, and a fourth-session exit form.
As a functional health coach, you'll never have to turn away clients with thyroid issues because you're afraid to step outside of your scope of practice, or because you simply don't have the confidence to work with them. 

This 50-page eBook contains a wealth of information from the leading resources on thyroid health and will allow you to coach your clients on one of the most pressing health issues that affects over 20 million Americans while staying within your scope of practice.* 

*According to the American Thyroid Association

A whole foods diet is the cornerstone of wellness. You'll get access to a beautifully designed yet completely customizable 55-page whole foods eBook, Mastering the Art of Whole Foods Living: A Three-Month Guide to Success. 

This eBook, based on our EP&A method of coaching, is crammed with information about healthy eating, toxic and inflammatory foods, sleep, exercise, stress and so much more. You will be able to use it as the framework for a whole foods-based group or individual coaching program.  You can download it, customize it to fit your brand, and start promoting your whole foods-based group or individual coaching sessions immediately (without having to worry about creating the program).
Compelling client testimonials are essential for building a referral-based practice. We will provide you with a testimonial template plus a guide that will walk you through how to capture these testimonials.
In addition to learning how to price your services, we'll also provide you with a  Fees & Services chart that you can edit as necessary and use in your own practice.
This comprehensive, completely customizable seven-page food and lifestyle review template is an essential tool for any health coach. Brand it and use it during a one-time, low-cost coaching session to help broaden your exposure and get clients in the door.
Our group coaching documents and complementary video series will ensure you can start hosting group coaching programs immediately in your practice.
Want an inside look at the program? Watch our program overview video here!
Our Mission
The Institute for Functional Health Coaching™ is committed to fostering a collaborative environment where coaches are shown the skills they need to coach clients with any condition or goal and build successful businesses. We pride ourselves on ensuring that no coach ever feels like they have to look elsewhere for support. 
By choosing The Institute for Functional Health Coaching™, you won’t have to:
  • Worry about just being another number. We are deeply committed to each of our participants and refuse to let any question go unanswered. If, at any time during your journey, you feel you need additional support, we are available to walk you through your questions and concerns.
  •  Feel uneasy about working with those clients who come to you with an influx of chronic or complex health issues. With our proven approach, you’ll have the confidence and method to help them get to the root of their problems, as well as empower them to transform their health. 
  •  Stress over using the wrong language that could put your business in jeopardy.
  • Invest in program after program because all your certification taught you were dietary theories, gut health protocols, adrenal fatigue, etc., etc., but failed to show you how to effectively coach clients and build a business.
Your Participation Helps Us Help Others

We believe that everyone should live to give. That’s why, at The Institute for Functional Health Coaching™, giving back is at the core of everything we do. 

For every participant in our program, we donate $100 to a charity of our choice as part of our Live to Give initiative. Donations are distributed at the beginning of each month for the prior month.

Here are some of the charities we are thankful to be able to support:
Frequently Asked Questions
When can I start?
The Institute for Functional Health Coaching™ currently offers rolling participation. Once you join, you can complete the program whenever it’s convenient for you. Live calls with Carmen are held weekly, with some exceptions.
What is your refund policy?
The Institute for Functional Health Coaching™ will honor refunds for up to 7 days after joining. Please note that in order to cover our administrative costs, the refund will not exceed 90% of the payment made. Also, because we pride ourselves on keeping this program affordable, there are no refunds available after 7 days.
Can I speak with an program representative prior to joining?
Absolutely. Our team and Carmen are available to chat with you to answer your questions and determine if the Institute for Functional Health Coaching™ is the right fit for you. To book a call, please visit this link.
How will I learn?
Each module is delivered through our Institute portal and followed with a quiz. Please know these ungraded quizzes are for your benefit only to help you master the coaching process. 
Is this program just for new health coaches?
No—this program is geared towards all health coaches who want to take advantage of a revolutionary coaching method that will simplify and supercharge their businesses. The information, processes, strategies, tips, advice, and mentorship included in each module will be beneficial to any coach at any stage in his or her career.
Who is Carmen Hunter?
Carmen Hunter is the founder of The Institute for Functional Health Coaching™ and the creator of Education, Preparation & Action, the proven functional method of coaching. She has over seven years of health coaching experience, has worked with hundreds of one-on-one clients, conducted countless group trainings, and hosted hundreds of in-person and online health talks.

She has been privileged to work with health coaches for over 4 years in her own business as well as share her health coaching method at other institutions.  

Carmen believes that diagnoses are symptoms of a larger health condition. She feels that approaching a client from a whole mind-body perspective by integrating the seven foundations required for optimal health is the only way to reach true wellness. 

She believes in supporting other coaches in their businesses as well as collaborating with those who compliment her beliefs and operate with integrity and transparency. She believes that working together allows us all to make bigger impact on the world.  

Her number one focus in the health coaching profession is to mentor and inspire coaches to build a successful business with integrity and service that surpasses all others. “No question goes unanswered and no need goes unmet” is her motto.

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