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Grow Your Practice with Proven Strategies for Getting More Health Coaching Clients
Get FOUR of our most popular trainings and learn my exact strategies for getting more clients in the door locally and online!
Here's What You Get:
Get New Clients in the Door with a "Pantry Makeover" Training + Documents
A $97 value
Getting clients in the door for a 1-on-1 or group coaching program can be difficult, but I promise it doesn't have to be!

Let me show you how to simplify this process by offering a "pantry makeover" service as the doorway for your larger coaching program (or simply as an a la carte service). 

I will walk you through the MOST effective way to confidently teach your clients about what is really hiding in their kitchen in the least stressful way possible so they'll be eager to continue working with you!

Remember, we don't want to overwhelm new clients! Causing them unnecessary stress over food will NOT benefit their health or the coaching relationship.

During this training, we'll focus on guiding them towards the right choices in a way that doesn't set them up for failure. 

You'll also get my customizable pantry makeover template to use with your clients and a 3-page downloadable guide that walks you through how to be successful offering this service.
Close More Clients with the Free 15-Minute Consultation Training
A $97 value
During this 80-minute, value-packed training, Carmen will teach you:
  •   What to say when someone says they have a "quick question" or asks to pick your brain about a grandma (kid, spouse etc)
  •  The exact dialogue to use when you get ON the free consult
  •  How to avoid giving away information during the free consult
  •  How to honor yourself as a business person
  •  Redirecting the potential client to see you as an expert and not someone who does this for free
  •  Why you might be the one sabotaging yourself 
  •  How to start being taken seriously as a coach
  •  What language to use when you end the free call IF they are still trying to get free info
  •  Why it's ok if someone doesn't hire you
  •  What to do and say if someone says you're too expensive
Get your next 2-3 health coaching clients ASAP Training
A $97 value
During this training, Carmen will teach you:
  •  How to get your next 2-3 clients online or locally
  •  All about the know, like and trust factor and why it matters to your business
  •  How to get prospective clients to resonate with your message and act on your offerings
  •  The exact action steps you can implement to start getting noticed and signing clients right away
  •  How to overcome the most common barriers to getting clients
BONUS: Collaborating with Practitioners & Wellness Leaders
During this training, Carmen will teach you:
  •  How to effectively approach local wellness leaders
  •  What you should and shouldn’t say when pitching a business relationship
  •  How to price and present your services in a way that is attractive
  •  What to do to guarantee you close the relationship
  •  Some tips on what to expect when working in a wellness office
  •  And how to stay within your scope when working with clients
A Total Value of over $400
Just  $127 
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