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All of our programs and packages were created by Carmen Hunter, certified health coach, health coach mentor & founder of the Institute for Functional Health Coaching™
Customizable Whole Foods Lifestyle Guide
It can be hard to change habits, especially when it comes to food. This 50+ guide is completely customizable and will help you guide your client through a three-month whole foods plan with you as their support system. It is truly a DIY guide that can be customized and handed over to the client!
Investment: $57
Working With Thyroid Clients Program
As health coaches, we could be missing a huge piece of the puzzle if we aren't able to safely help our clients identify and address issues affecting their thyroid! This package includes our 68-page thyroid guide, our extensive thyroid intake form and our in-depth video series that will equip you with the knowledge you need to help your clients navigate thyroid problems as well as all of the other conditions and issues that are uncovered in the process of learning about the thyroid. 
Investment: $197
Done-For-You Whole Foods Living Group Coaching Package
Kick off your group coaching program next week! This package contains everything needed to run a whole foods group coaching programs including a group coaching explanations and guide, lead in “free coaching topics” which webinars or free talks can be created around, and a copy of the Whole Food guide which is totally editable for your use as well as a video walk-through of the package.
Investment: $97
Customizable, High-Quality Intake Forms Package
Throw away the low-quality health histories! This package includes done-for-you, totally customizable intake docs to use with your clients or groups and includes first, second, third and final session forms, a testimonial request form, a food and lifestyle review template, a 50+ page whole food guide and a 250+ resource guide for researching client needs.
Investment: $297 
Successful Doctors' Visit Package
Empower your clients to have more successful doctors' visits. This package includes our How to Have a Successful Doctor's Appointment guide, done-for-you doctor's template and doctor's template training. It also includes a bonus done-for-you sales page created by our expert copywriter so that you can sell this package on your website.
Investment: $37
Sleep Group Coaching Package
Sleep is one of the seven foundations for optimal health. Yet, so many people don't get enough high-quality sleep or understand how sleep contributes to wellness. With this group coachign package, you can educate current and potential clients about the importance of sleep!

This package comes with a sleep coaching template which walks you through how to structure this talk, as well as our done-for-you sleep guide that you can brand as your own and give to your clients. You'll also get access to two videos showing you how to get the most from this package!
Investment: $47
Safety in the Health Coaching Profession
Don't put your coaching business, or your client's health, at risk! IFHC™ shows you the safest approach to health coaching that’s designed to keep you and your clients safe. 

You never know when a client might see our advice as prescriptive and diagnostic and you never know how a client may react to foods/supplements/etc. You need to make sure your communication and your method is safe at ALL times. Take action today to ensure you keep your business and your clients protected.
Investment: $297
Get New Clients in the Door with a "Pantry Makeover" 
Getting clients in the door for a 1-on-1 or group coaching program can be difficult, but I promise it doesn't have to be!

Let me show you how to simplify this process by offering a "pantry makeover" service as the doorway for your larger coaching program (or simply as an a la carte service). 

Included in this program is our pantry makeover template and done-for-you sales page created by our expert copywriter to sell this service on your website!
Investment: $57
Labs for Functional Health Coaches
You do not need to take a six-month intensive program to understand labs...

You can have the confidence and knowledge to safely integrate labs into your functional health coaching practice by taking our Labs for Functional Health Coaches!

This package will give you the confidence & knowledge you need to stand out as a functional health coach while staying low-risk.
Investment: $197
Grow Your Business Bundle
Ready to learn the real strategies that are going to grow your health coaching biz, straight from a health coach who has been in the industry for 8 years?

With this package, you'll get our most popular video series that includes: Get New Clients in the Door with a "Pantry Makeover" + Documents, Close More Clients with the Free 15-Minute Consultation, Get your next 2-3 health coaching clients ASAP and our bonus Collaborating with Practitioners & Wellness Leaders!
Investment: $127
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